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Murphy-Burroughs House

Tour the historic Murphy-Burroughs House while in Fort Myers, Florida. Located on the shores of the Caloosahatchee River, the house is an early twentieth century Georgian home.

See the classic design of the home before you walk in for a tour. Look at the arrangement of columns around the front area alongside the properly symmetrical matching left and right halves of the top floors on the building.

Tour the home to learn about life during the early part of the century. See the carefully restored rooms including the many bedrooms around the house and its extensive kitchen. Look at the design of the home and see how it has grown to include an extensive number of features all around including its own private electrical system that helped to energize the home.

Visit the waterfront pavilion around the edge of the home. This has become a popular space for events in recent time including weddings. Be impressed by the carefully manicured and prepared lawn and gardens.

See many old photos and news clippings around the home in the City of Fort Myers. The home was a critical part of the housing boom that helped Fort Myers, FL to grow into the city that it is today.