Research Mortgage Videos Library – Finding a House, Home Loans, Buying a House and Selling Your Home

Happy couple in front of new house


Determining Your Housing Needs
Start The Home-Buying Process!
Am I Ready To Buy?
How Lenders Decide Your Maximum Loan
Purchasing Vs Renting A Home
Do I Need A Lawyer To Buy?
Why Use a REALTOR®?
How To Pick Your Community
Learn Your Community Resources
Walkthrough – What To Look For
Keeping Track Of Homes
What To Ask When Looking At Homes
Older Vs Newer Homes
What If You Feel Excluded?
Determining Property Tax Risks
Key Issues Before Buying A Home




Determing Your Initial Offer
How To Make An Offer
What Is Earnest Money?
What’s An Inspection Clause?
What Do Home Inspectors Do?
Be There For Inspection?
Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?
Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs
Powerlines – Health Hazard?
LEAD In Homes!
What About Flood Plains?
What Are Home Warranties?
Final Walkthrough Warnings


New Homes


What Are Builders Incentives?
What’s A Decorating Allowance?
Preferred Lenders – Best Choice?
What Is The Punch List?
What Are Constuction Perm Loans?
What Is A Rate Lock?
Comparing Production vs Custom Builders
New Homes – Use An Agent?
New Homes – Use An Attorney?
Comparing New-Home Builders




What Is A Mortgage?
What’s A Qualified Mortgage?
What Is Loan-To-Value (LTV)?
How Large A Down Payment Do I Need?
What Is Ability To Repay?
First-Time Mortgages?
The Main Types Of Mortgages
When Do ARMs Make Sense?
How Interest Affects Mortgages
What If Interest Rates Fall?
Fixed-Rate Mortgage Advantages



Key Factors In Mortgage Payments
What Does A Mortgage Cover?
What Are Discount Points?
What Is Mortgage Insurance?
What Is PMI?
What Is Prime?
What Is Equity?
Can I Pay Off Early?
If You Fall Behind On Your Home Loan…




Key Steps To Secure Your Loan
What’s Debt-To-Income?
Pre-Qualifying vs Pre-Approval
Ability-To-Repay Exemptions
Lending Process DOs and DON’Ts
After Your Loan Application…
Choosing Your Lender
Choosing Your Home Loan
How To Compare Loans
Understanding Loan Fees
What’s A Good Faith Estimate?
What Is RESPA?
What’s An Appraisal?
Removing PMI From Loans


Credit & Closing

What’s A Credit Score?
Find Your Credit History
Improving Your Credit Score
Fixing Credit History Errors
What Is Escrow?
Closing Costs Explained Visually
Title Insurance Explained Visually
What Are Real Estate Commissions?
What Happens On Closing Day?
What Do I Get At Closing?
What Makes Up Closing Costs?


Federal Programs


How Can The FHA Help?
What Are The Steps In FHA Loans?
Credit History & The FHA
FHA Debt-To-Income Ratios
Are FHA Loans Assumable?
Lower FHA Mortgage Premiums
What Is The FHA Loan Limit?
What Qualifies As Income For FHA?
If You Fall Behind On An FHA Loan…
About FHA Closing Costs
About 203(b) and 203(k) FHA Loans
What Is HUD?
How Does HUD Help?


VA Loans


What Are VA Loans?
Major VA Loan Types
What’s The VA COE?
VA Funding Fee Exempt?
Understanding Joint VA Loans
VA Loans & Your Discharge
VA Loans – More Than Once?
VA Loans – For Rentals?
VA Loans – For Farms?
VA Loans And Divorce




Improving Your Home’s Value
Making Your Home Ready To Sell
Preparing For Internet Showing
Home Sales Tips – Prepping The Inside
Home Sales Tips – Prepping The Outside
How Do I Evaluate An Offer?
What Is A Counter-Offer?
Closing Meetings For Sellers
The Closing Process For Home Sellers
For Sale By Owner?


More on Selling


When Should I Sell?
6 Home-Selling Mistakes
How Do I Select a Broker?
What Can I Ask Brokers?
Calculating Your Asking Price
Setting Your Price
Which Square Footage Figure??
How Is A Home Marketed?