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Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Be inspired by Asian culture in Boynton Beach, Florida as you visit the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. The park is on land in the City of Boynton Beach that was once used for an attempted Japanese farming community.

Admire the six Japanese gardens with each inspired by different design patterns that have been used over the generations. These gardens are heavily inspired by Chinese works of art. Look for the intense flowering features of these plants as well as their bright and vibrant colors. One garden is designed to be looked at from afar as you reflect. Another is similar to a traditional Buddhist temple garden that represents the concept of attaining nirvana, an important goal in the faith.

Visit the museum located inside a Japanese villa-style building. Learn about the Yamato Colony, the original Japanese farming community that existed for a brief time in the area during the mid-twentieth century. Visit the tea house and learn about how tea ceremonies operate. Enjoy an authentic Japanese meal at the restaurant on site. Watch for different special Japanese culture events that come along here in Boynton Beach, FL as the center offers such events at various times throughout the year.