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Morean Arts Center

See art pieces from various figures at the Morean Arts Center as you are in St. Petersburg, FL. Explore the world of art with pieces from various modern artists. Look for thousands of art pieces from local and international artists alike with the displays rotating throughout the year.

Go around the museum building that was once used as a train station in St. Petersburg, Florida and see art pieces of all kinds. Look for photographs, textiles, oil paintings and much more all around the area.

Attend one of the special classes held at the City of St. Petersburg museum. Learn about how art has evolved or improve upon your individual artistic skills. Find programs for people of all ages here including a few preschool programs to introduce kids to the world of art.

Tour the glass art museum at the museum. See artists as they produce unique ceramics and other works of art made out of glass. Learn how glass materials are melted down, shaped and molded in numerous forms to create some of the more intriguing art pieces around. Order a unique glass art piece or learn how to make a piece of your own as a very unique personal souvenir of your trip here.