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Midpoint Memorial Bridge

Honor the history of the United States military at one of the monuments at the Midpoint Memorial Bridge. This bridge in Cape Coral, FL crosses over the Caloosahatchee River and is a little more than a mile in length.

See the replica of the Marine Corps War Memorial on the Cape Coral, Florida side of the bridge. The replica is an exact design of the same iconic memorial that depicts the famed raising of the American flag following the Battle of Iwo Jima. The monument is of around the same size and features the American flag proudly waving in the sky.

Travel across the bridge to the Fort Myers side to see the Vietnam War memorial. The monument is right alongside a small pound with a fountain in its middle. The memorial is designed with a large body that honors the memory of those from the area who served in the war.

Be sure you get your Sunpass toll collection system ready if you have one in your car in the City of Cape Coral. Westbound traffic has to pay a toll to get across the bridge. The Sunpass system allows you to get a payment taken care of wirelessly.