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Miami Seaquarium

See a number of beautiful marine mammals in both indoor and outdoor environments at the Miami Seaquarium. One of the top attractions in Miami, FL, this attraction features various shows and distinct habitats where marine creatures from all corners of the world can be found in. Learn about different sea life and see what their habitats are like.

Look around the numerous habitats situated around the Sequarium. Look for seat turtles, sharks and manatees in the underwater spots. Go above land and see numerous birds and reptiles that mingle with the sea life. Many of these include mammals from around Florida’s Everglades.

Ride a dolphin at the special station at the aquarium. Rent out a wetsuit and be trained by experts on how you can get on board a dolphin here in the City of Miami. Explore the waters in a way that you have never done before.

Catch open air shows featuring numerous mammals as well. The Miami, Florida aquarium is particularly heralded for its unique and entertaining killer whale shows featuring Lolita, the oldest known orca whale in captivity. She has lived at the Seaquarium since 1970 and has amazed people who come to the city of Miami for generations.