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Miami Auto Museum

Check out many amazing vehicles from the past at the Miami Auto Museum. This attraction in North Miami, FL features a private collection of various cars. Many of these vehicles date back to the early twentieth century just as the auto industry was developing.

Look at the massive variety of vehicles in the indoor showroom. See vehicles from the United States and Europe including sports cars, luxury vehicles, military vehicles and prototypes. Fancy motorcycles and intricately designed bicycles and scooters are also on display around the museum site.

Ride with the stars at this museum in the City of North Miami. Go to the Hollywood section of the museum to see various famous cars that were used in movies and television shows. Some of these vehicles on display in North Miami, Florida come from an old British car museum that the Miami Auto Museum acquired. Look at the many original vehicles on display including some that were used in various Batman and James Bond films. See the Ford Anglia that was used in some of the Harry Potter movies, some of the classic hot rods featured in the movie Grease and a GMC van used in the A-Team television series.