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Alvaro Moreira

Alvaro Moreira is a Licensed Mortgage Advisor for Moreira Team.

How the Moreira Team can help you

I’m a fully licensed mortgage expert working in my beautiful hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. I use the latest technology to streamline the loan process for my clients in a transparent way.

My primary objective is to cut through the noise and hype you usually have to go through when you want to refinance or purchase a home. We’re not bank employees following scripted messages trying to sell you a specific “in-house” mortgage that’s not tailored to your unique needs. When I answer the phone I want to listen to your real concerns and needs. Answer all of your questions and then hand craft the right mortgage solution just for you.


What I can offer

My years of experience will benefit you by saving precious time and help you avoid costly mistakes borrowers make when they work with less experienced loan originators. I’ve built my family owned business from the ground up and proud to say I work with a team of superstars.

That means I have access to programs others lenders don’t which means you get the right program for your specific goals, not the other way around. Having complete control over the loan process means no long underwriting turnaround times or red tape gotchas to slow me down. This is the key to success in today’s highly regulated mortgage business.

I make a personal connection with all my clients. I’m highly proactive and responsive to you before, during, and after the home buying process. My personal guarantee is to not to waste your time and to be straight to the point with you, no matter what – period!


How you can reach me

☎ 404-238-7888