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McKay Bay

Look for the many beautiful birds that call the Valrico, FL area home at McKay Bay. This body of water is on the northwestern end of the City of Valrico and is also right on the northeastern end of Tampa Bay. Travel along the greenways to see many beautiful urban park spots with some views of the Tampa skyline not too far off from the area.

See a number of wetlands around this bay area. Watch as parts of the wetlands are exposed during the low tide each day. Look at how the birds around the area migrate into different spots around the region. See the ibis, ruddy duck and canvasback among many others. Watch for the white pelicans and notice their large beaks as they look for fish in the area. They might do better at fishing than you although a few open spots for fishing are available.

See the birds as they wade in the water or congregate around the shore. There are several flat observation spaces around the bay in Valrico, Florida, thus making this one of the top spots for birding. Find a few open spaces for a picnic and relax around the bay while waiting for the next grouping of birds to come in the region.