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Matlacha Pass National Wildlife Refuge

Explore nature right around Cape Coral, FL at the Matlacha Pass National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is about 500 acres in size and has been around since 1908. The refuge is home to many native animals and plants and focuses heavily on a conserving the local land space so it will last for generations to come.

Look around the water to find many marine mammals including the West Indian manatee and the crocodile. These and many others call the refuge home. The bald eagle and many other prominent birds are also found here. Travel along one of the walking paths all around the refuge to find where they are.

See the tall trees all around the area including many that are native to the state of Florida. The refuge in the City of Cape Coral includes the red, white and black mangrove trees plus the buttonwood.

Look for the Matlacha Pass region in the refuge. This important space connects the refuge with the Caloosahatchee River. The town of Matlacha is not too far off from the area and is a popular side stop among those who travel to Cape Coral, Florida thanks to its many quaint shops and dining spots.