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Mall of Georgia

Travel out to the eastern end of Johns Creek, GA and just outside the city of Buford to enjoy a day of shopping at the Mall of Georgia. This mall has been in operation since 1999 and is home to a variety of shops and numerous attractions.

Spend a great amount of time shopping around this mall in the City of Johns Creek. There are more than 200 stores around three levels at this mall. These include a variety of major retail shops plus a few spaces dedicated to local products. Enjoy a fine meal at one of the restaurants around the mall site or just a quick bite at the food court. The Mall of Georgia is the largest such mall in the state so it should be easy to find all sorts of stores dedicated to whatever you are interested in.

Enjoy a movie at the theater at the mall. The theater has an IMAX screen in particular.

Look for the statue of Button Gwinnett at the top of the mall. Gwinnett is one of the people who signed the Declaration of Independence. The county this mall in Johns Creek, Georgia is located in is named after him.