Getting Ready for Moving Day

Our moving day tips start with advising you to prepare well in advance for your big day. Give yourself time to do the essentials at your existing home or rental property before you get the keys to your new home.

When arranging a mover here are a few things to consider:

Movers charge more in the summer months than the winter months so try to book your move mid-week and not on a long weekend or holiday to avoid paying higher rates.

Moving Checklist

In a large open area like the garage set up three tables marked
Keep | Discard | Sell
Separate what you want to keep, discard or sell and box up your keep pile for moving and then your discard pile can either be thrown away or donated to charitable organizations within your community. Sell anything valuable that you are not actively using anymore on online or by having a garage sale.

Pro Moving Day Tips – Twelve to Six Weeks Out

  • Give your notice to your landlord that you’re leaving well in advance of the end of your lease
  • Book a moving company or moving van well in advance
  • Create a record of your assets before moving for insuring the move
  • Sort through your belongings into keep, discard or sell
  • Get packing early

Pro Moving Day Tips – Six to Two Weeks Out

  • Send a change of address notification to the US postal service so that your mail gets forwarded to your new address on the day you will be in your new home. Keep the change of address active for one year just in-case you overlook a change of address.
  • Advise your insurance company of the new change address
  • Banks and Credit Card Companies
  • Government – IRS
  • Drivers License
  • Book vacation time at work


  • TV
  • Internet
  • Phone service
  • Power Company
  • Heating


  • TV
  • Internet
  • Phone service
  • Power Company
  • Heating

Pro Moving Day Tips – One week Before

  • Take down any fixtures you’re not leaving behind
  • Pack a moving day bag with essentials
  • Make sure that you have paid all your bills before moving

Pro Moving Day Tips – Moving Day

  • Drive with the movers so they don’t take a two hour coffee break along the way
  • Keep all your receipts from the move
  • Make sure you have turned everything off where you are moving from and that the windows and doors are locked and all keys are back to the landlord

Pro Moving Day Tips – Packing

  • Start collecting boxes, packing supplies like tape, markers
  • Purchase bubble wrap and packing paper
  • Identify the room on each box that you want the movers to locate the box too
  • If you want to be a perfectionist about it you can create a inventory master list of what is in each box with a code so it makes it easier to unpack later
  • If it a local move, transport what you can by car or borrowed vehicle especially the fragile stuff