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Lake Monroe

Enjoy a nice walk along the vast body of Lake Monroe as you are in Deltona, Florida. This is a lake that links to St. Johns River. Deltona is right on the northern end of the lake while Sanford can be found to the south.

Walk along the sides of the lake on one of the many paths surrounding the area. These long pathways are spots that are conducive to bicycles as well as foot traffic. Enjoy looking at the palms and oaks around the region as they reflect off of the waterway.

Rent a boat at one of the marinas around the lake. Many boating charters in the City of Deltona offer a variety of vessels that you could utilize for your travels along the waters of the city. Fishing is allowed in some parts of the lake as well so bring your gear with you before you sail out.

Enjoy a picnic or other outdoor activity along one of the large gazebos and meeting spaces along the shores of the lake. These include a few spots that are popular places for birds and other forms of wildlife to flock to in Deltona, FL. Each space has a clear view of the surrounding water.