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Kravis Center For the Performing Arts

Check out impressive performances at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts from the City of West Palm Beach. Look at the schedules for the four venues around the center to see what special activities are coming to the center.

See major performances at the Alexander Dreyfoos Jr. Concert Hall. With around 2,200 seats, this is the largest venue at the West Palm Beach, FL center. See both stage plays and musicals and special concerts.

Enjoy smaller shows at the Persson Hall or Rinker Playhouse. These two venues feature around 200 seats each and are devoted to local theater productions. Drama and art classes are held at these venues as well.

Learn how to dance at the Khoury Family Dance Hall. This venue features a wide-open floor for ballet, jazz and classical dances. Attend classes in West Palm Beach, Florida to learn how to perform the many complicated and intricate steps that come with different dances.

See the digital organ at the many concert hall. Explore how the organ is designed to create the most realistic pipe organ tones possible. It is especially organized with a dedicated computer that analyzes how keys are pressed and how pressure influences individual sounds.