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Jungle Island

Go over the bridge to Watson Island in the City of Miami to see Jungle Island. The attraction has been on Watson Island since 2003 although it has existed in some form since 1936.

Look for the parrots around the island. These parrots are found in many colors and hues. Some of them will even mimic the sounds they hear, thus making it sound like they are talking.

See many beautiful animals on display in the Miami, Florida park. Look for the liger, a distinct feline mammal that comes from breeding a lion and tiger together. Find various penguins as they congregate along the waterway. Look for snapping turtles and flamingos in some of the shallow spots.

Visit the Everglades habitat, a space that features marshes and wetlands like what is found in central Florida. Discover how the many plants in the region can survive the wet conditions in the Everglades. Enjoy the natural beauty of these plants as they, like all the others at Jungle Island, are taken care of with absolutely no pesticides or chemicals, thus making it one of the country’s greenest nature parks.

While at the island experience views of the Miami skyline and its many high rises from across the water. See how Miami, FL stands out from across the MacArthur Causeway.