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Johns Creek

As you travel around the City of Johns Creek, make sure you visit the body of water that gives this part of the Atlanta area its name. The Johns Creek is a lengthy stream that flows down south towards the city of Atlanta.

The creek is a beautiful area that is home to many natural wildlife habitats. The folksy atmosphere of the creek is worth exploring. Although it is not fully certain as to where it got its name from, it is believed that the creek is named in honor of John Rogers, an ancestor of the famed writer Will Rogers.

Start your travels along the creek as you head to the end of the creek near the Chattahoochee River. You will see how the creek moves into the river in a seamless way. Notice as you walk along how the creek has been untouched and is not even gauged by any outside parties.

Take a good hike along the entire body of the creek in Johns Creek, GA. The creek is about eight miles in length. As you walk along the side of the creek, you will come across many native plants and trees and various smooth and rocky surfaces.