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Jewish Museum of Florida

Learn about the history of the Jewish faith and how it has evolved in modern society at a museum in the City of Miami Beach, a city with one of the country’s highest Jewish populations. The Jewish Museum of Florida is built inside an Art Deco building that in the 1930s housed the first synagogue in Miami Beach, Florida.

See thousands of artifacts relating to the Jewish experience in the United States and elsewhere. Learn about old sites of worship, pilgrimages to many important sites and stories about Jews immigrating into the United States.

Learn about the history of the Jewish people and how they have moved into Florida and built a thriving community. Explore the values of the Jewish faith and how people use such tenets today.

Pay honor to the many Jews who have struggled with discrimination and hate over the years. Learn about the stories that many of them have been through as they are important points that remind people to keep moving forward.

See what contributions people of the faith bring today around Miami Beach, FL. Learn about how the Jewish population contributes to the fields of business, government and entertainment and many other important sectors.