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International Swimming Hall of Fame

Honor some of the greatest swimmers in the history of the sport at the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Located in the City of Fort Lauderdale, this museum celebrates many great swimmers and the evolution of one of the world’s most distinct and competitive sports.

Learn about many of the most iconic figures in the world of swimming at the museum. See exhibits dedicated to many famous swimmers including Johnny Weissmuller, Duke Kahanamoku, Gertrude Ederle, Buster Crabbe and Greg Louganis among many others from all corners of the world.

See a number of old swimming medals, outfits and other artifacts relating to how the sport has grown over the years. A number of Olympic medals are on display here.

Explore the history of swimming at the hall of fame in Fort Lauderdale, FL. See how the sport has evolved from ancient times to the carefully prepared and organized sport that it is today.

Learn about the many ways how people can enjoy swimming today. The museum in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has exhibits dedicated to water polo, synchronized swimming, diving and marathon or open water swimming. Many people who have been influential in these disciplines are also honored at the hall of fame.