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Indian River

No visit to the City of Palm Bay is complete without experiencing the beauty of the Indian River. The river surrounds the eastern end of Palm Bay, FL. See the river as it moves past Palm Bay and is surrounded by the Atlantic Shores region that keeps the river apart from the Atlantic Ocean.

Find a boat and bring it out to the river. Many boating charters can be found around Palm Bay, Florida. They offer quality boat services to help you get out on the water and experience the Indian River in a unique way. Take your fishing equipment with you as fishing is allowed in select parts of the river.

Try and catch one of various types of fish in the river as you sail along. See how the red drift algae flow along the river and mix in with local surroundings. The algae are often collected as a source of food. Notice how the bright red tone of the algae fits pairs with a string-like layout that often gets caught in fishing lines.

Various walkways are found around the sides of the river. These walkways include paved surfaces that take you close to the edge of the river.