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Homestead Air Reserve Base

See how the United States Air Force operates in the City of Homestead at the Homestead Air Reserve Base. A former primary base, the Reserve base is home to many important actions for getting planes for the Air Force ready. Look around the base to see many great aircraft being worked upon and tested around the skies.

See the 482d Fighter Wing in action here in Homestead, Florida. Watch how the F-16C/D aircraft operate. Notice how these planes are designed to be deployed on very short notice.

Enjoy a tour of the base while in Homestead, FL. See the many hangars and other sites where members of the Air Force stay in. Learn about the maintenance procedures that go into getting these aircraft up and running and how people start the up and fly.

Explore the history of the Air Force in the Homestead area at the museum. Look at the old photos, uniforms and other items relating to different aircraft that have served the area. Much of the history goes back to the 1940s and shows how various Air Force squads have called the area home. This includes the days when the base was a regular Air Force Base instead of a Reserve site.