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Hillsboro Inlet Light

Sail out to the shores along Pompano Beach, FL and get on to the Hillsboro Inlet. As you are there, visit the Hillsboro Inlet Light, a lighthouse that has been in operation since 1907. See how the distinct iron black and white body of the lighthouse makes it a standout space.

Walk up the height of the lighthouse and see views of the Atlantic Ocean and the City of Pompano Beach. At around 130 feet, the lighthouse has one of the most distinct viewpoints you will ever experience in the region. Look for boat traffic around the area and observe how the waterways near Pompano Beach, Florida are among the most intricate in the country.

Notice how the light is designed as you get to the top. Look at the ball bearing assembly and how it generates electric power to create a strong light. This makes for an improvement over the original light that featured mercury.

Stick around during the evening to see the lighthouse in operation. Watch for the intense light but make sure you don’t look directly into it. The lighthouse can project its light at distances of more than 25 nautical miles, thus making it one of the world’s strongest lighthouses.