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Hanna Park

Relax and have some fun in the sun at Hanna Park in the City of Jacksonville. Walk along more than 400 acres of dunes as you walk along the Atlantic coastline. Find a few spaces for surfing around the shores of the park. There are various campground sites around the coastline plus enough sandy beaches for relaxation.

Bring your off-road bike to one of the many trails around the park. The trails in Jacksonville, Florida are sorted out by difficulty and skill level with each trail having its own special series of curves and other features. You will find plenty of spaces for fun with more than 15 miles of trail space all around the entire park area. Check the Hanna Park information center to learn about racing events that are held here throughout the year.

Bring a boat or rent one and head out to the freshwater lake in the middle of the Jacksonville, FL park. Go fishing or simply paddle along the 40-acre lake.

Play a few games while at Hanna Park. Challenge yourself at the shuffleboard court or reserve a spot at one of the volleyball courts. Bring the kids to the playground or have them play around the water park space near the freshwater lake.