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Halifax Historic Museum

Walk into the past at the Halifax Historic Museum. This museum in Daytona Beach, Florida houses a number of exhibits that highlight the history of the region. It is housed inside a historic building in the middle of a main thoroughfare right alongside the Halifax River.

Look for the various fossils, tools, art pieces and other items that have been gathered around the Daytona Beach, FL area over the years. Many of these pieces date back by approximately seven thousand years in the past.

Get a firsthand look at how the City of Daytona Beach has changed over the years. Various carefully preserved photos of the region are on display. Numerous added homeware items are also placed around the venue to show visitors how people lived in the area in the past.

Look around the old building that the museum is housed in. This old Greek Revival building was built in 1910 and was utilized as a bank in the past. Notice the columns at the front entrance while the Beaux arts design incorporates an elaborate look all the way through. The classic look of the building has been preserved to highlight the great history of the city and how it has changed over the years.