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Greynolds Park

Everyone has something fun to check out at Greynolds Park in Hollywood, Florida. Bring the entire family out to this nearly 265-acre park and experience the beautiful of South Florida.

Check out the bird rookery on site. Look to see how many different kinds of birds you can find out here while walking around the park.

Go around the walking paths in the park. Enjoy the well-paved paths that are lined by various native trees. The paths are especially designed with cycling in mind so take your bike out here when you come along.

Head up onto the mound at the Hollywood, FL park. At around 42 feet in height, it is the highest point in the southern end of the state.

Travel to the boathouse to see various exhibits relating to the natural features of South Florida. Go on a nature walk with a tour guide or see the displays that highlight many of the animals that call this part of the state home.

Bring your golf clubs out to the golf course at the park in the City of Hollywood. The course is open to the public although you might want to check on reservations just to be safe.