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Greynolds Park Golf Course

Take in a round of golf at the Greynolds Park Golf Course around Miami Gardens, Florida. This is one part of Greynolds Park, a large park featuring more than 250 acres of space.

Enjoy nine holes of golf along this beautiful course. See how powerful your drives are as most of these holes in the City of Miami Gardens feature extensive straightaways. There are not all that many water features around the course but do watch for the strategically placed sand bunkers featured all around the sides of each hole.

Look for different forms of wildlife as you go along the course. Watch for raccoons and various birds all over the place. Make sure you watch for how your ball travels as you certainly don’t want to lose your ball to one of these native creatures.

After enjoying a round of golf, check out the other features that this park in Miami Gardens, FL has to offer. Walk along the extensive paths that go through many beautiful spaces around the park. Look around the many native trees or head over to the tall dune area that moves tens of feet up in the sky, making it one of the tallest natural spots in the entire Miami area.