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Green Springs Park

Head around the northern end of Lake Monroe just around the City of Deltona and visit Green Springs Park. The park is famed for its beautiful sulfur spring. See the fine green tone of the water around the spring. The water is distinct for how it was believed to contain healing powers. This was a belief held among people from the Seminole tribe that had called much of the area home in the nineteenth century. Notice how the shade of green changes during much of the season with it containing a slight turquoise effect at times.

Look around at the trees and plants in the region. These include native oak and cedar trees. These blend in perfectly with the green tone of the water around the park.

Enjoy walking along one of the various trails in the area. Many of these trails head around Lake Monroe. Bring your bicycle out to this spot in Deltona, Florida as it is home to the starting points of two different long-distance cycling trails.

Bring your kids over to the park in Deltona, FL as it also includes its own playground area. This playground has been carefully integrated into the entire park space to create a distinct and appealing place for play.