Georgia Refinance Mortgage



If you find yourself between an unstable economy and high-interest rates, it might be time to consider mortgage refinancing. This simply means getting a new mortgage to replace the original one.

In the process you will get lower interest rates, lower insurance premiums and at times flexible mortgage terms. That said, refinancing requires you to keep a keen eye on the mortgage market so that you take notice of changes in interest rates and lending terms. That is not exactly an easy task for an average homeowner.

Luckily, Moreira Team offers professional advice on when to opt for a Georgia mortgage refinance. So, if you’re are flirting with the idea of Georgia refinance mortgage here are a few guidelines for when to go for it:

  • Refinancing is great if you are looking to shorten your term so you can pay off your mortgage faster.
  • The total cost of certain mortgage loans often turns out higher that you first thought, due to high-interest rates and insurance premiums. A refinance can be a great way to reduce both interest rates and insurance costs, especially now that Georgia is enjoying historic low-interest rates.
  • If you opt for a cash-out refinance, you will get an easy way of consolidating your debts by paying off high-interest credit card debts to remain with the mortgage loan only. Alternatively, you can simply use the cash to settle urgent expenses.
  • For Georgia residents with underwater mortgages, it is wise to consider a Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) refinance. It will revalue your house and increase your equity.

Get in touch with Moreira Team and we will guide you through the refinance process. We have expert knowledge on all types of loans, so you can be sure that we will get you the best Georgia refinance mortgage deal.



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