Georgia Jumbo Loan

A jumbo mortgage loan is a loan whose amount exceeds the borrowing limit set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for conforming loans. The current limit in Georgia is $647,200 for a single-family unit. So if you take a mortgage with an amount that exceeds that set limit you will have taken a jumbo mortgage.

Jumbo Loan

Daily Georgia Mortgage Rates for 1.20.22

30-Yr. Conventional



30 Day Range
2.5% - 3.784%

15-Yr. Conventional



30 Day Range
2.25% - 2.923%

30-Yr. FHA



30 Day Range
2.5% - 3.846%

30-Yr. VA



30 Day Range
2.942% - 3.57%

*Calculated from actual locked rates with consumers across more than one-third of all mortgage transactions closed nationwide

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Jumbo loans are necessary for many reasons, but the biggest advantage to you as a homebuyer is that they allow you to make high-cost home purchases. It is practically impossible to finance some types of homes in certain Georgia counties. A good example is Atkinson County where the average list price is around $1,683,400. It is the highest by far but there are other counties like Fulton, Rabun, and Greene that also have very high listing prices.

The high value of a Georgia jumbo loan makes it riskier from the perspective of the lender. That is why you may face stringent qualification requirements compared to when you are applying for a conforming or government loan. For instance, 20% down payment is a common requirement, but some Georgia lenders can go as low as 10 or 15% as long as you have sufficient income and assets. Another common requirement is a FICO score of at least 680.

The stringent qualification standards don’t necessarily mean you can’t qualify for a Georgia jumbo loan with ease. If you have a good real estate company behind you, the whole process becomes much easier. In case you need help with your jumbo mortgage loan don’t look any further than Moreira Team.