Moving Day Tips in Georgia



If you thought looking for a home and choosing the right mortgage to buy your Georgia home was tedious, it’s nothing compared to the moving process. There is so much to do when you relocate besides just packing your things.


We’re big believers of a check list here, writing things down as they come to your mind, to make sure you’re not forgetting anything important. You list can include things like remembering to inform your bank, utilities, cable, and telephone providers about the move so you won’t keep getting billed.


Another task to include in the checklist is hiring a moving company and ensuring they will be free on moving day. Make sure their fees are within your budget by asking for an estimate for packing and moving your things. They should preferably send over someone to take a look at your things to decide how much manpower, packing materials, and moving boxes they will have to use for the relocation.


With so much to do, we the Moreira Team in hopes of helping have compiled a few useful moving day tips in Georgia for the big day. You’ll find a detailed list of precautions to take, not just on moving day, but also about 6 to 12 weeks before relocating so that you will be well prepared. The unpacking however, well leave to you.


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