Mortgage in Georgia



Getting a mortgage in Georgia to buy your dream home is a lengthy process which takes time. It involves various procedures starting from the pre-qualification to the release of funds.


Your lender has to first determine if you qualify for the mortgage, which is based on some factors like your present job, how much you earn and whether you will be able to repay the borrowed amount. You should also examine the various mortgages available in Georgia and their related terms and conditions to decide which mortgage sounds good for you.


Next you have to fill out your chosen mortgage’s application form with details like your income, name, and social security number, how much you need to borrow and your house’s estimated costs.


Based on your application, a lender will provide a loan estimate with some mortgage details like approximate interest rate, monthly payments and the total loan costs including all the necessary taxes and insurance you will have to pay.


It’s after taking a look at the estimate that you decide if you are happy with the mortgage terms and if you are, you have to inform the lender who will then start the mortgage process. Still you now have to furnish some documents to the lender along with your credit report and an appraisal of your dream home.


You’re almost done, but there is a little more to do. The underwriter will examine all these documents to decide if you are approved for the loan. It’s after the loan is approved that you have to sign the loan papers, after thoroughly reading them and making sure you understand all its terms and conditions.  Congratulations, your mortgage process is now complete, and you will receive the funds for your home!


This entire process takes about 3-4 weeks, when done properly, but may be confusing if you don’t have prior experience. This is why we, the Moreira Team want to help you through the mortgage process. Don’t make your home buying experience a headache, let us get you get the keys to you brand new house.


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