Finding the Right Home in Georgia


If you are house hunting in Georgia, we recommend you start by getting home quotes. Basically, with a few quotes in your hand, you can sort out the properties that are unreasonably expensive and those that you just don’t like. That will leave you with viable options only. So getting quotes is necessary because it will simplify the search process.

The problem is, finding the right home in Georgia may not be as easy as many homebuyers think. Good thing you are here. Moreira Team crew is always ready to prepare as many house quotes as you need. Simply contact us today, and we will use your specifications to generate the best Georgia quotes using the multiple listing services (MLS).

So what items must appear in the quote? Of course, there is the price of the house itself as well as lender-related costs (like closing costs and underwriting fees. Those make up the principal and interest (determined based on how much interest rate is charged on your mortgage). Other than that, it is essential to have homeowner’s insurance included in your quote. Another item to include is taxes. Georgia requires homeowners to pay property tax, so be sure to ask for its inclusion in your quote.

Ultimately, the principal, interest, taxes, and insurance are the items that will affect your monthly payments. But depending on the terms of your mortgage, you may have to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI). Also, some neighborhoods require homeowners to pay residence fee. A good agent will take all these factors into consideration when preparing your quote. In the end, your quote should have an accurate value of how much you will pay each month. If you need a personalized quote for a Georgia home contact us today with your specifications and we will get started.



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