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Buying a home is not an easy task, but it’s one that you shouldn’t run away from. The good news is that you can make it fun. If you are in Georgia, find a home the easy way using Moreira Team’s expert guidance. We are real estate professionals and that is why we understand the needs of every Georgia homebuyer. Talk to us and we will help you close on your dream home, with little to no stress on your part.


Here is a simple glimpse of how to find the best home in Georgia.


  • Survey the neighborhood


Georgia has a lot to offer ranging from the mountainous north to the state’s capital – Atlanta. Over 75% of the state’s population lives in its top ten metropolitan areas, including Atlanta (home to over half of Georgia’s population), Augusta, Savannah, Columbus, Macon, and Athens. It continues to be an industrial force, hosting 20 of the Fortune 500 companies. Even so, two-thirds of the land area is forested and produces amazing peaches. That goes to show that there is something for everyone in the great state of Georgia. All it takes for you to find the best neighborhood is do a little online research followed by a few visits to the places you have identified.


  • Stay up to date with Georgia real estate trends


It is hard to time the market if you are not a mortgage expert. Which is why we recommend contacting us, so that our professionals can do that for you. But it wouldn’t hurt to know how the demand, supply, and prices of Georgia homes are changing. It will help you know the price range and counties where you can easily find a home.


  • Stay objective


After identifying a few houses, don’t make your decision based on emotions. Other than location, the things that matter include: its appraisal value, inspection report, price and whether it meets your needs. So don’t forget to get the house inspected and if possible surveyed.


  • Get pre-approved


A mortgage loan pre-approval will go a long way in convincing the seller that you are serious about purchasing the home. They may even take it out of the market for you.


Regardless of where you are in searching for a Georgia house, Moreira Team can help you find the best one. Just call us and we will help with whichever step you’re at.



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