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Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

Explore the history of sports in the Peach State at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, one of the most distinct museums in the City of Macon. With more than 43,000 square feet of space, it is the largest individual state sporting hall of fame in the country.

Look around the impressive exterior of the museum in Macon, GA before heading in. The museum was designed to look like a classical ballpark from the early twentieth century.

Learn about the many iconic sporting figures from the state that are enshrined in the hall of fame. These include a number of athletes and coaches in the sports of baseball, football and basketball to name a few.

See the many exhibits that come to the museum throughout the year. The exhibits that are offered at the museum include a number of attractions dedicated to individual sports figures and teams from all around the state. You will see many artifacts here in Macon, Georgia that relate to a number of inductees as well including old uniforms, trophies and awards and many other distinct features.

Enjoy some of the interactive kiosks in the hall as well. Try the stock car simulator and see how well you can handle a powerful race car.