Gatorland Kissimmee, FL | Moreira Team Mortgage


When you enter Gatorland, you will walk through an entrance point that features a gator’s mouth opening up. It is only appropriate as this park in the City of Kissimmee prides itself as being an extensive habitat for alligators.

See hundreds of alligators, crocodiles and other beautiful native mammals around Gatorland. Learn the differences between alligators and crocodiles. Walk along the boardwalk to see many of these large animals and other small ones up close.

Watch the animals as they congregate at the breeding marsh here in Kissimmee, Florida. Look at exhibits dedicated to the many snakes that call the region home including cottonmouth snakes.

Learn about conservation programs where alligators and crocodiles are cared for any protected. Many of these mammals at the Kissimmee, FL park was rescued from trappers that might have killed them and used their bodies for various products.

Head up to the zip line and soar high over Gatorland. Fly around a thousand feet over the many habitats in the park. Take a ride on a model locomotive that goes around the perimeter of the park. The locomotive model is designed as a replica of an older mid-twentieth century train car.