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A Mortgage Broker Should Be Transparent & Honest

Everyone wants to be treated fairly when financing a home. At Moreira Team a division of TJC Mortgage, Inc., our policy is to be 100% transparent and honest when presenting you with the best home loan options for your situation. We don’t hide any fees or costs associated with your mortgage from you. This allows you to choose the best loan without worries.

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We are here to make the process easy for you. One of our qualified mortgage brokers will help make buying or refinancing a home understandable. We will walk you through the process helping you to make educated decisions.

Mortgages Can Be A Pain, We Keep The Home Mortgage Process Simple

We educate you with down to earth explanations not services jargon. Our system is a series of simple steps, which is easy to follow.

Mortgage Companies Need Open Communication

You need a mortgage company that involves you in the process every step of the way. During your loan process we keep you updated of every phase in your loan. You will never be in the dark as to where the loan is at and how much longer your loan will take to be approved.

Mortgage Lenders Should Provide Fast Loan Approval

With all the changes in the home lenders market going on, We have the most streamline approval process which we constantly tweak to get you approved fast.

You Need A Mortgage Lender Who Who Believes In Lasting Relationships

We want you to feel so happy with your experience with us, that if a friend asked you who you trusted to finance a home, you would think of us.

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Ideas When Considering A House Loan Disclosed

If you’re thinking about getting a new house and opt for a conventional mortgage loan in Gatlinburg, TN, there are a few things that you must understand about. Home loans can be unique in some aspect with respect to the loan companies. You can’t apply for a loan without knowing the conditions and terms and the other factors which will affect your payment options. This is definitely a big investment so you should not make any mistakes when you are searching for a loan.

It is undoubtedly a great thing that there are lots of ways to find a loan which could fit your personal preferences and your financial predicament. We’ll provide some suggestions on how you may find the best home loan.

The first thing that you need to do is to compare and contrast house loans by requesting a loan estimate from the lenders. You’ll have to request a loan estimate from a selection of loan companies as this will provide you some information about the loan features and the fees that you must pay.

A loan estimate will tell you the amount that you should pay back over the life of the loan along with the payment amounts, fees and other charges. You could also get a personalized comparison rate where you could look at the total cost of the loans.

If a lender won’t provide you with a loan estimate, you could remove them your list. This is extremely essential if you want to search for the best house loan that may offer the right features and low interest rates.

When it comes to a VA Loan or an FHA Loan, many individuals are paying close attention to the interest rate. Well, you must look into the interest rate, but you also need to look into the fees linked to the house loan. There are situations when the loans with the lowest rates come with high fees so you would have to look into the loan first. You should calculate the amount that you’ll pay every month over the duration of the loan and the loan estimate will give you the info you need.

The interest rate may actually change based on various elements so you should review the rates and ask an expert for help if you do not understand these charges and fees.

It is also important to look at the payment options that a lender can provide if you’ll apply for a mortgage loan. These loan companies will certainly enable you to pay the loan from 15 to 30 years depending on your choice. If you’ll choose the 15-year option, you will need to pay more monthly, but you might finish the loan faster and the total cost will be lower as well.

If you’ll consider the 30-year option, the monthly payments will be lower, but the cost of the loan will be higher. You should try to ask the lenders if they can provide different payment options.

If you want to find the best house loan in Gatlinburg, TN, these are ideas that you can follow. There are also other things that you should know like reverse mortgage and refinance mortgage. You will need to speak specifically with the lenders if you want to know how you could do this.

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