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Fort Barrancas

Fort Barrancas is located inside the Naval Air Station Pensacola. Travel to this beautiful monument that is open to the public right inside the Pensacola, FL naval base.

See the site where the former fort is located here in Pensacola, Florida. Built for the first time in the mid-sixteenth century, this Spanish fort is a remnant of the days when Spanish forces held control over the westernmost parts of Florida. A few parts of the original building still stand but much of it has been rebuilt to the same parameters that it held generations ago.

See the carefully restored battery around the outside part of the fort. This battery was used for protecting the space. Look at the cannon spots and other areas where long range arms were used to keep the fort secure.

Walk through the brick wall spaces and barricades around the fort. Look for the numerous lookout spaces and viewpoints that made this one of the most important stations for naval forces at the time.

See the nearby museum and learn about how the fort in the City of Pensacola was used for many purposes. See how the fort was used by Confederate forces during the Civil War and how it worked as a small arms range for American forces during World War II.