Florida USDA Loans



For many years now the USDA home loan program has been a reliable source of mortgage loans for homebuyers seeking to settle in rural and suburban areas of the USA. Offered by the United States Department of Agriculture, this loan program is backed by Section 502 which states that beneficiaries should be low-income earners. So if you are in Florida, fall in the middle or low economic class and don’t fancy the urban life of this state you should seriously consider applying for a Florida USDA loan. We here at Moreira Team are getting to help you get started and increase your chances of qualification. Talk to us today and we will work with you the whole way.


Compared to other loan programs, Florida USDA loans are relatively easy to apply and qualify for, especially if you have the guidance of a professional realtor. You only need to prove that you are a US citizen, have a fairly good credit score (typically 580 and above), dependable income for at least 24 months and that your monthly debt payments don’t exceed 41% of your income (including mortgage payments).


One of the best things about USDA loans is that they don’t have a set maximum limit. And you can get up to 100% financing for a home. That means you can use this loan to buy any type of property in Florida (like in gated communities, subdivisions, or even a town home). The only condition is that the property must be located in a USDA eligible area. In Florida, such areas are generally outside of major metropolitan regions and have a population of 20,000 people at most. If you want to know whether your property is eligible contact Moreira Team and we will avail a full map of the state, showing USDA loan eligible areas.



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