Florida How to Make an Offer on A House



So you’ve searched Florida and finally found the perfect house. What next? Well, the only logical step is to make an offer. Making an offer is an interesting and exciting step because it takes you a lot closer to owning the home. But you need a good Florida realtor to help you do it. That way you will increase your chances of getting the house and also reducing the list price.

Lucky for you Moreira Team can do all that and more. Our expertise in negotiating and closing deals is the reason why we have a reputation for offering the best in Florida how to make an offer on a house. Contact us today and let us help you make that bold step.

Big a move as it is, making an offer can be very simple to manage. First, you need to be prepared to negotiate and lower the list price to an affordable sales price. A good realtor can do that for you effectively and even advise you on the amount to offer.

Most sellers will reject your offer if it is too low. So ask your realtor to give you an ‘acceptable’ value that the seller can either accept or base a counteroffer on. Once you agree on the price (with the seller), you may want to proceed to survey, appraisal and disclosures. Again, your realtor will be a key player in ensuring all these happen.

You may need to put some “good faith deposit” down – usually anything between $1,000 and $5,000 and also provide a pre-approval letter or proof of cash for the seller to take the property off the market. That will confirm that the property is yours, you can now proceed to arrange for payment. Meanwhile, your realtor will be working on the contract, any other paperwork, and planning for closing.

That is a mere sketch of the whole offer process, but at least you get the idea. Instead of doing it alone, we can help make it easier. Give us a call today.



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