Florida How to Buy A Second Home



There are many people who would love to live in Florida but don’t get the chance to move for reasons like family and work commitments. But that shouldn’t be you. You can still make your dream a reality by purchasing a second home here. Our brilliant Florida real estate gurus here at Moreira Team insist that having a second home in Florida is, in fact, a great investment move. When you and your family are not vacationing in it, you can always rent it out to interested parties. And there is never a shortage of short term and long term renters in this sunny state. In fact, feel free to give us a call, and we will help you purchase the property and also rent it out for you at your request.

The process is not so different from purchasing your primary residence. The closing costs, as well as most monthly mortgage costs, work in the same way as purchasing a first home. But you should know that in Florida, Homestead Exemption reduces property tax on primary residences but not second homes. So your taxes will be slightly higher. Be sure to contact us to know how much you stand to pay because it all depends on the type of property and where it is located.

Speaking of location, the place where your second home will be situation will play a huge role in ensuring it offers what you desire. If you want a home that can double up as an investment property you might as well go for the luxury properties that are synonymous with Miami. That way you will get high-end clients easily. That said, pretty much the whole of Florida is great for investing in a second home.

Finally, get a professional Florida realtor to help put your plan into motion. At Moreira Team, we are experts at real estate transactions, and you can trust that we will help you choose the best home. Don’t miss out on our more detailed guides on Florida how to buy a second home right here.



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