Florida Government Home Loans



Government home loans are lifesavers for many home buyers and owners in Florida. They come with exciting terms like 0 to 3.5% down payment, and some of them don’t even require a credit or employment history check. And with the current Florida government home loans rates being at historic lows, it is undoubtedly the best time for you to consider taking out a government-backed mortgage for a first or subsequent home.

Since you are here, we at Moreira are glad to inform you that we assist our customers to get the best deals on Florida government loans. That includes shopping for a lender, helping you apply, ensuring you qualify, doing a follow up on your application, negotiating lending terms and advising you on which type of loan is best for you at prevailing conditions. Be sure to reach us today, and we will assign a dedicated real estate expert to your course.

Speaking of loan types, there are three main government loans available in Florida:

  • FHA loans: these are loans offered by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). In Florida, this loan is available for all types of borrowers. It comes with favorable terms like low down payment (as little as 3.5%).
  • USDA loans: the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers loans homebuyers who want to purchase houses in rural or suburban Florida. It is very suitable if you have a low or modest income.
  • VA loans: this loan is administered by the Veterans Affairs (VA) and is targeted for service members. Other than having the lowest interest rates, eligible applicants can get up to 100% financing for a property.

Choosing the best type of loan can make the difference between you purchasing an affordable home and always facing the risk of foreclosure. Let our experts help you to make the right decision. Contact us today for more on FHA, VA, USDA and other types of loans.



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