Mortgage Pre-Approval in Florida

Did you know that if you plan to use a mortgage loan to buy your dream home in Florida; your home buying process should not start by your looking for the perfect house, but with a mortgage pre-approval?

This is required since there’s no point in finding a house you will not be able to afford. The amount you can borrow depends on various factors like your income, your down payment, and your credit score. It is often better to first calculate how much you can afford, and how much you can get approved for, then start house hunting.

Instead of waiting for your lender’s mortgage approval or rejection before you start house hunting, consider getting a mortgage pre-approval in Florida. A mortgage pre-approval, valid for about 2 months, lets sellers know you’re serious about buying, and is much similar than applying for a loan straight away. Sellers will appreciate that you’ve put in the effort and will give them more confidence to get the process rolling.

If you’re ready to start looking, Moreira Team makes it easy for you to get a mortgage pre-approval. After one of our licensed mortgage advisors takes a look at your online application, they will be able to determine how much you can borrow. Once you have this figure, call up our mortgage advisor to find out how to get your mortgage pre-approval letter and get you one step closer to your new home.


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