Florida Conditional Offer



Before you fully commit to buying a house in Florida, you may want to consider making a conditional offer first. It is not a lack of commitment per se but rather a risk mitigation strategy. How it works is that you enter an agreement with the seller stating that you will make an offer once certain conditions are fulfilled. It could be that you want to inspect the home to ensure that it has no material defects. Or you could want more time to work on your mortgage application. Many reasons might force you to postpone a purchase.

Either way, with a conditional offer in place you can convince the seller to tie up the home for you for a specified duration. The only problem is a seller will not readily take the house off the market when they are not sure that you will eventually make the offer. So the best thing to do is go with the backing of a reputable real estate company. And that is what Moreira Team is here to do for you. If you need more time to sort out your financial plans, ensure the house is in the best condition possible, or for any other reason, we can make a conditional offer for you.

Keep in mind that the seller can also give a conditional offer. For instance, they may agree to sell the property to you only if you can get a pre-approval letter. Regardless of who is stipulating the conditions, it is important to have a real estate expert to go through the terms of the conditional offer. That is the only way to protect your interests. Moreira Team is at your service, so take advantage of our exclusive Florida conditional offer information and assistance today.



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