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Florida Botanical Gardens

Step into the beautiful world of Florida’s many tropical plants and trees as you visit the Florida Botanical Gardens. Located in the City of Largo, the gardens are home to around a hundred acres of land that highlight many habitats devoted to plants of all sorts. Enjoy walking along the gardens as you see various plants around a series of small lakes that intersect with each other.

Come out during the sunrise and see the beautiful native tropical trees and flowers as they glisten in the light. Check out the many flowering plants as you walk along the boardwalk and various bridges to get around the park in Largo, FL.

See some exotic plants while you are out in the park. Look for various rare plants that are regularly studied by botany experts. Learn how these plants develop in Largo, Florida and what makes them capable of thriving in the Florida climate.

Visit the Pinecrest Cultural Center while you are out here. Located along one of the main entrances, it has various bits of information relating to individual plants in the area and how they are formed. Discover how these plants develop and what makes each of them unique and special.