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Florida Aquarium

Sharks, penguins and many other exotic mammals call the >Florida Aquarium home. See tens of thousands of fish, birds and other mammals plus plants at the Tampa, FL aquarium. Find different mammals from every continent here.

Travel along the aquarium in Tampa, Florida and see many great simulated environments. Look for native fish from the Gulf of Mexico or ones from fresh-water springs around the state.

Explore the artificially produced coral reef. Look around at how well fish can feed off of plants at such a reef and how it can protect such fish from many outside predators. With nearly half a million gallons of water at this reef tank, there is a massive amount of space for all to view.

Take part in one of the interactive exhibits here. Touch one of the stingrays in their large tank. Feed various mammals including the penguins during special feeding times.

Attend one of the special meetings or classes at the City of Tampa aquarium. Numerous speeches relating to aquatic life and studies surrounding it are held throughout the year. Take the kids to one of the special educational sessions or programs held here including some week-long summer camps where kids learn about how fish evolve and move through the water.