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Flamingo Gardens

See some of the most beautiful birds in the world in a unique space to the east of the City of Weston. The Flamingo Gardens park houses hundreds of flamingos.

The park features not only flamingos but also various native mammals and birds. See the beautiful birds at the aviary as they fly from one tropical tree to the next. Thousands of trees and plants can be found around the region with most of them being native to the state.

Watch as hummingbirds feed off of many smaller tropical plants at the Weston, FL park. Look at wood storks as they search for fish in the water. Identify the majestic Florida panther, an endangered native animal that is protected at the gardens in a fully simulated environment.

Of course, it is the flamingos that make this place one of the most intriguing spots in Weston, Florida to visit. See them in shallow water spaces as they congregate together. Hundreds of flamingos can be found in large spaces around the park.

Identify different animals around the five ecosystems inside the Flamingo Gardens. These include individual hardwood hammock and prairie habitats. These ecosystems were all designed to be similar to natural environments found all throughout Florida.