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Flamingo Gardens

See the beautiful flamingos in the botanical garden and sanctuary in Davie, Florida that is named after these beautiful animals. The Flamingo Gardens is an aviary that has been in operation since 1933. Look for the flamingos in their beautiful habitat lined with palm trees, various rocks and shallow bodies of water.

See many other animals on display at Flamingo Gardens. These animals are all organized in a series of habitats that simulate the various ecosystems of Florida. These include mangrove swamp and coastal habitats alike. Look for pelicans, egrets and herons among many other wading birds. Look for the many other animals in the habitat that are native to the region including the black bear, the Florida panther and the alligator to name a few.

Look for thousands of plants in this garden in the City of Davie. There are hundreds of types of palms all around. Take a glance upward at one of the many oak trees at the garden including some that have stood for more than 200 years in Davie, FL.

See the Wray Home that is attached to the Flamingo Gardens area. It is a traditional home dating back to the 1930s. Tours of the home highlight life in the region during the early days of the twentieth century.