Georgia First Time Home Buyer



Buying your first home is an exciting and fulfilling experience, especially if everything goes according to plan. One way of ensuring that is knowing what to expect as a first time home buyer. In Georgia, the process of purchasing a home is not so different from most other states, save for a few legal provisions. For example, the Peach State is one of those that require a closing attorney to facilitate the transaction.

Having such information with you will go a long way in ensuring your home purchase goes smoothly. Which is why we, at Moreira Team, have put together this Georgia first time home buyer guide to help you navigate through the Georgia real estate market. It covers areas ranging from searching for a home to applying for a mortgage and closing the purchase. Be sure to contact us for any assistance, regardless of where you are in the house buying process.

You should know that there are also many incentives for you as a Georgia first time home buyer. First off there are government-backed mortgage loans like the FHA, USDA and VA mortgage loans which are highly tailored for first-time homebuyers. They have low down payment, and insurance requirements and qualifying is straightforward. There is also the Georgia Dream Home-Ownership Plan which is offered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. The program provides down payment assistance to first time home buyers in Georgia.

If you don’t qualify for this option, you may be eligible for the American Dream Down-Payment Assistance Initiative which also does the same. There are also several education programs and tax credit schemes for Georgia home buyers. If you want to know how many of these programs and schemes you qualify for give us your details and we will get back to you with a full list.



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