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First African Baptist Church

See an old church that dates back to right before the Civil War in Savannah, Georgia. The First African Baptist Church is a building that was formed in 1859 and was built by members of what is believed to be the country’s first black Baptist congregation.

This landmark of Savannah, GA features a brick body with a tall steeple. As you walk into the church, you will notice a number of pews that have remained in the church since it first opened. These include pews that were made by slaves who built the church after serving their masters during the day. Look for some of the tribal symbols along the ends of the pews.

Observe the stained glass windows along the body of the church. These windows depict a number of important religious scenes. Many of these windows date back to the late nineteenth century a few decades after the church was built in the City of Savannah.

See the museum while at the church. The museum includes many pictures and works of art from the church’s history. It also includes a few old written records with some of them being among the oldest known records of slaves in the region. The museum also highlights the value of the church as it was a hiding space for escaping slaves.