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Explorations V Children’s Museum

Let your kids’ imaginations soar at the Explorations V Children’s Museum in the City of Lakeland. Stimulate their senses at various exhibits that are all about the five senses, hence the V in the name.

Head through the unique city attraction that showcases how many things kids see in urban areas like Lakeland, Florida work. Learn about how fire engines are run. See what doctors do and what they use for taking care of patients. Discover how a news station sends its messages out to the public. Help your kids to build a better understanding of how their senses work and how they are important to their daily lives as they tour the museum.

Check out the many special exhibits and touring attractions that come to the Lakeland, FL museum. The Explorations V museum is particularly popular for its museum on oranges and how these citrus fruits are harvested, delivered and prepared.

Look for different programs for your kids to participate in. The museum has many private classrooms that educate kids on science, history and many other fascinating topics. Reserve a spot for your kids at one of the summer or school break camps devoted to many subjects covered by the museum.