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Everglades Holiday Park

The gateway to the largest natural park space in the state of Florida is located right in the City of Pembroke Pines. Take the family to the Everglades Holiday Park around the western end of Pembroke Pines, FL and see how this massive wildlife space is preserved. Learn about the wildlife and plants that make this one of the most special parts of the Sunshine State.

Go on an airboat ride along the marshes of the park. Travel around the waters and see the alligators and other native creatures as they swim and feast in their habitats. Look for ducks and other native animals that are found all around the Pembroke Pines, Florida region.

After traveling around the large wetlands, head back to the mainland and visit the park museum. Get to one of the main wildlife viewing stations and see how animals make their home in the region.

Watch a live alligator show. The alligators that live at the park include many who have been rescued from dangerous situations. Watch as they interact with trainers and see how powerful their bites truly are. Learn about how alligators function in the wild and see what makes alligators different from crocodiles, similar mammals that they are often mistaken for.